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Brand: Olympus  |  Model: WS-821  |  Catalog #331584
Olympus WS-821 2GB Expandable Digital Voice Recorder with USB Direct Connect and Powerful Background Noise Cancellation

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With high recording quality and superb stereo feeling, the WS-821 has established its presence as a smart tool for business. With 2GB of internal memory, a microSD slot and built-in USB, the WS-821 is becoming a must-have item for business people or anyone who needs high performance along with outstanding usability.


  • 493 hours of recording time – 2gb memory and micro sd removeable media - With 2GB of internal memory and 493 hours of recording time, you’ll be able to capture notes, lectures, and more – and still have room to store documents. The device also features a microSD slot with the potential to hold up to 32GB of additional memory. The WS-821 offers an impressive 37 hours of battery life.
  • Direct link to your mac/pc - With the "USB Direct" design, it is easy to transfer your files to your MAC/PC seamlessly.
  • Multi format - Record and play back in both of the standard high-function formats: MP3 and WMA.
  • USB storage device - The recorder can connect directly to a PC with the built-in USB connector. You can transfer data. It is equipped with a microSD slot so connection with PC’s are even more convenient.
  • Variable control voice actuator - Voice Activation makes automatic starting and stopping of the recorder an extra benefit that saves time and energy.
  • Noise cancellation - Background noise which may have been captured during recording is powerfully reduced with the world's highest level of noise cancellation technology.
  • Calendar search function - Audio files saved on the recorder are automatically marked with the date. Because files are displayed by the calendar format, you can quickly find the file you are looking for by the date of recording.
  • Scene select function - Wherever you are, whether it’s a conference room, large hall, or at home dictating, the microphones will automatically adjust to capture the best sound depending on your setting.
  • Index marks - Set up to 99 index marks per file with peace of mind.

Recording format: MP3 and WMA
Internal memory: 2GB
External memory: microSD (2GB~32GB)
Folders/Messages: 5/200 per folder
Highest quality recording mode: MP3 192kbps
Frequency response: 40~19,000Hz
Recording time Approx: 21h 30m
Default setting recording mode: MP3 128kbps
Frequency response: 40~17,000Hz
Recording time: Approx. 32h
Longest time recording mode: WMA 8kbps
Frequency response: 40~ 3,000Hz
Recording time: Approx. 493h
Direct USB: Yes
Calendar Search Function: Yes
Speaker: D18mm round dynamic speaker
Microphone jack: D3.5mm mini-jack, impedance 2k ohm
Earphone jack: D3.5mm mini-jack, impedance 8k ohm or more
Maximum working output: 150mW (8 ohm speaker)
Battery life (Recording): Approx. 37h (WMA 8kbps) with alkaline battery
PC Requirements: ≪Windows≫ ●Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 (Standard installation) ●with more than one free USB port ≪Macintosh≫ ●Mac OS X 10.5~10.8 (Standard installation) ●with more than one free USB port
Battery: AAA battery (LR03) or Olympus Ni-MH rechargeable battery
External power supply: A514 (Optional)
External dimensions: (H) x (W) x (D) mm 4.0" x 1.6" x 0.6"
Weight: (g) 1.9 ozs including battery
Supplied accessories: 1 AAA Alkaline battery

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