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a safe and secure online shopping environment is a vital priority at We use the best available security measures to ensure that every transaction that you make on the World Wide Web through this site is as safe as possible and no information is ever seen by a third party. uses a technology called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This is a feature that is enabled by your browser. The numbers that you input (credit cards, mailing address, etc.) are immediately encrypted using a 128 character block that can only be decoded by our computer. Using this method has proved to be so effective that in 1997 no credit card information was reported stolen during a transfer using an SSL connection.

Our security system only works with Web browsers that support SSL. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator (or Communicator) or America Online then you will see either a key or a lock appear at the bottom of the screen when you enter the secure area of our server. That means your browser supports SSL and all information sent will be secure.

What happens when you send your credit card information to our server is very similar to what happens when you make a purchase in a store. We contact the credit card company for confirmation, much like when a cashier swipes your card at the register. At no time does an unknown third party ever have access to the information that we are sending.

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